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The difference between a threat and a warning

June 20, 2009

Far too many news articles and blogs have been talking about the “warning” that “Supreme Leader”  Khamenei gave to protesters.  This is a misuse of the English language.

If I tell you “don’t go onto that bridge, because it’s unstable”, I’ve given you a warning.

If I tell you “I will shoot you if you go on that bridge”, that is a threat.

Khamenei isn’t warning the people of Iran, he is threatening them: roll over like dogs or I will send my thugs out to brutalize and murder you.

Let’s stop abusing the English language, and correctly describe his actions, ok?

Got to love that “smart diplomacy”

June 11, 2009

Wow, that Barack Obama, he sure is good at working with our allies, being non-unilateral, etc. Not.

Foreign Office fury over settlement of Guantánamo Uighurs in Bermuda

The British Government responded with ill-disguised fury tonight to the news that four Chinese Uighurs freed from Guantanamo Bay had been flown for resettlement on the Atlantic tourist paradise of Bermuda.

The four arrived on Bermuda in the early hours, celebrating the end of seven years of detention after learning that they were to be accepted as guest workers.

But it appears that the Government of Bermuda [and President Barack Obama’s State Department] failed to consult with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the decision to take in the Uighurs – whose return is demanded by Beijing – and it could now be forced to send them back to Cuba or risk a grave diplomatic crisis.

Bermuda, Britain’s oldest remaining dependency, is one of 14 overseas territories that come under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, which retains direct responsibility for such matters as foreign policy and security.

“We’ve underlined to the Bermuda Government that they should have consulted with the United Kingdom as to whether this falls within their competence or is a security issue, for which the Bermuda Government do not have delegated responsibility,” an FCO spokesman said.

“We have made clear to the Bermuda Government the need for a security assessment, which we are now helping them to carry out, and we will decide on further steps as appropriate.”

Yep. it’s such a good thing that we now have the clever Democrats running our diplomacy now.

HT: Gabriel Malor over at Ace