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Ad Age joins the anti-GamerGate harrassment

October 27, 2014

A response to some pathetic bullshit on Ad Age

“The now amorphous movement was formed by a group of gamers demanding better ethics in video game journalism (the bad journalism is the “gate” part) but was co-opted by a group hunting for any slight and quick to berate and threaten critics with anything from rape and murder to the exposure of private information.”

Thank you for demonstrating early in your article that you are yet another dishonest political hack.

The anti-GamerGate propaganda is that GamerGate has been “taken over” by all these bad things.  The reality is that vast majority of the doxing and personal attacks comes from the anti-GamerGaters.  If you’ve been following what’s happening, you know that, and are lying about it.  If you don’t know it, it’s because you haven’t been paying attention, and aren’t qualified to write an article on it.

Advise to brands: Your customers are watching you.  Do you side with the politically correct thugs who hate your customers, and routinely go out of their way to attack, and offend, your customers?  Then by all means, continue to associate with Gawker, and the other anti-gamer haters.

Do you value your customers?  Do you think your customers have the right to have their own hobbies without being attacked by totalitarian thugs who wish to force their “one true way” on everyone else?

Then whenever you see someone attacking GamerGate, run away from them as fast as you can.

Dishonesty watch: Leftist columnist claims anti-GamerGaters are like Israel

October 14, 2014

It’s amazing the lies one will tell when one thinks they’ve looked the other side out of the discussion:

For a few weeks now, the Internet—or one large and particularly nerdy corner of it, anyway—has been alight with furious debates about #Gamergate. The mercifully short version of this affair is this: a swath of predominantly male gaming enthusiasts, motivated by not much save for the crudest cut of misogyny, have decided to wage a campaign against women who are entering the gaming community, designing their own games, and otherwise contributing to the growth of the medium.

My response:  Not posting it there, since the only way they’ll let you comment is via Facebook:

This article is the most disgustingly dishonest garbage I’ve run across today.  #GamerGate is about gamers getting tired of an utterly corrupt “elite” which wishes to force their will on all Gamers.  It’s about the powerful using censorship and bullying to drown out any voices but their own  In short, it’s a LOT like what’s happening to Israel, but contra your claims, it is the anti-Gamers who are acting like Israels enemies.

My Comment on GamerGate

October 12, 2014

Response to this:

I found these quite interesting

  • They (gaming media) are outraged at being called corrupt
  • They (gaming media) are upset at the suggestion that the gaming media has some sort of organized conspiracy
  • They (general) believe gamers are inherently insular and want to shout down any attempts at reforming it.
  • They (general) believe gamers are entitled and thin-skinned, unable to show empathy or accept even mild criticism of their hobby.

I would like to think you are dishonestly presenting the anti-GG side, because if these are true, they are utterly damning.

1: The IndieCade and IGF imbroglios are prima facia cases of corruption.  You don’t get to judge products you have a financial interest in.  You don’t get to judge products represented by someone you have a romantic or sexual relationship with.  This can not actually be a surprise to anyone.  Any “game journalist” who hasn’t trashed the people involved is an accomplice to the corruption, and has no grounds to complain about being tarred with that brush.

2: I think the release of the GameJournosPros emails conclusively lays this one to rest.

Then there’s the other two.  The knock on the Puritans was “they were deathly afraid that someone, somewhere, was having fun.”  For these modern Puritans, the complaint is the same: “how dare you want to have fun playing games that we don’t like?”  “How dare you have a hobby that we don’t approve of?

You want to know what an indignant, whiny, entitled person looks like?  Check out the people who think they have the right to tell other people what hobbies those other people are allowed to have.  Check out the people who think that gaming companies should ignore their paying customers, and instead pay attention to whining SJWs and game “journalists” prancing about on their hobby horses.

What’s driving GamerGate?  Well, the fact that their opponents are utterly without a shred of legitmacy.

It’s not both parties

October 1, 2014

Comment to a post on Volokh:

(3) “Previous presidents who engaged in wrongdoing have had members of their own political party who were willing to stand up and say so.  But with Washington politics more polarized than they have ever been since the Civil War—in part because, unlike for most of American history, the Democrats and Republicans have clearly divided into liberal and conservative factions—one cannot count on partisans for one side to criticize their own.”

Wrong.  The problem is that Democrats are conscienceless power-hungry, and utterly amoral.  They are the party of government, the party of power, and nothing else matters to them.

See all those “year of the women” Democrat Senators, who were so offended by Clarance Thomas, and who immediately fell in line to support Clinton.  This isn’t a “both parties” problem, it’s a Democrat Party problem.

Republicans created Porkbusters to fight Bush Administration big government spending, because Republicans and Republican voters actually have principles.

Where’s the anti-war movement with all of Obama’s acts?  Nowhere, because Democrats and the left have no principles, they simply have a lust for power.