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Megan McArdle gets stuck on stupid

September 17, 2009

Wow, Megan McArdle is really on a roll. First she told us that the polls are showing that Obama got a significant bounce from his speech. Too bad (for her) she told us this one day before the polls unequivocally showed that no, he had not gotten any significant bounce from his speech, and was back down to as low as he’s been this year. Then she got suckered by Rod Dreher into attacking Rush Limbaugh for something that, to any even moderately self aware individual, is an obvious satire that she simply missed.

Then, apparently feeling permanently stuck on stupid, she decided to double down with this little gem. Which, the more I look at it, the more stupid it is. A fisking is therefore in order:

A number of you are arguing that Rush Limbaugh is actually putting together a high-flown satire that I missed. Umm, okay, maybe. The problem is, if so many missed it, it’s not a very good satire.

Or, maybe, you’re a humorless twit who thinks that no one living outside NYC and the BosWash corridor could ever be as sophisticated and clever as you, and this bigotry caused you to miss what is obvious to everyone else.

I know, I know–I’m a humorless west coast liberal who doesn’t get an obvious joke. No offense, but Limbaugh’s listeners are not known for their ability to appreciate maybe-sort-of-satire.

Wow, bigoted much? “Everybody at the parties I go to knows that mouth breathing rednecks are just to stupid to understand satire.” And I do love the “No offense”, the sure sign that you know you’re about to say something highly offensive.

I don’t think it’s ridiculous to say that for Rush Limbaugh, racism isn’t a big problem in this country, but anti-racism is one of the greatest threats facing America today.

And what is the “anti-racism” you speck of, oh mighty one? Would that be the racism practiced by those who hate white and Asian people? Which is to say, is that behavior that anyone who isn’t delusional just calls by it’s proper name: racism? State sponsored racism is a great problem, even when they call it “Affirmative Action”. Its supporter’s assaults on the English language are one of its more minor sins, but it is still a problem.

So when he does a “satire” that comes perilously close to his normal rants against feminazis and raice[sic]-baiters, well, I don’t really think you can expect the rest of America to get the joke.

Well, we clearly can’t expect people who seriously believe in “bad racism” v. “good racism” to get the joke when their “good racism” is being mocked (leftists being notoriously humorless when it comes to their sacred beliefs being targets). It’s too bad you’re one of those twisted people. I thought better of you.

Update: Okay, perhaps I am unfairly tarring Rush Limbaugh’s viewers with his own behavior. But I have, in fact, listened to Rush Limbaugh quite a bit, though not recently, and at least back then, he was a humorless jerk who really didn’t find, say, Michael Moore or Jon Stewart funny. His main product is outrage at the vast conspiracy against him and his people. Sound familiar?

No, actually, it doesn’t. I’ve been listening to Rush Limbaugh for years, and that’s not what I’ve ever heard from him. Rush doesn’t sell outrage, or anger. He sells humor. Mockery of the Left. He also sells affirmation: “Oh, good, there are other people out there who think like I do.” He sells love of America, and love of achievement. If you really did “listen to Rush Limbaugh quite a bit”, and are unaware that his main selling point is humor, then you really are a humorless twit. Look, I’m not a huge fan of Rush’s humor, and I’d rather get my information from reading than from listening, so I rarely tune in any more. But it doesn’t have to be my cup of tea in order for me to know it’s there.