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Why Akin must go

August 25, 2012

This started out as a comment over at Vodkapundit.  I’ve cleaned it up and posted it here (too), because I got positive feedback on it, and because I think it needs to be said.

Dear Akin supporter / defender / excuser.

I’m going to simply focus on why Akin’s words were completely out of line, and need to be condemned by everyone, and why he needs to get out of the race, now.

1: His words demonstrated extreme moral cowardice.
Akin opposes abortion in cases of rape. Unless you wish to claim that ZERO women each year get impregnated by rape, if you wish to hold Akin’s position you must be ready, willing, and able to answer the question “why should a women who’s been raped be forced to carry the child to term?” Saying “gosh, it doesn’t happen very often” is a worthless cop out. You still think she should have to carry to term when it DOES happen. If you can’t make that argument, drop your opposition to abortion in cases of rape.  Because if you really believe the number of such cases is too small for people to worry about them, then demonstrate taht fact by not worrying about them yourself.

2: His claim was and is total bullshit.
A woman who has already ovulated can be impregnated by rape just as easily as by consensual sex. Stress may very well make her less likely to ovulate. It’s not going to make the egg sudden break open once it’s already out.

3: “Legitimate rape” has got to be one of the stupidest ways around to phrase it.
If your issue is with women dishonestly claiming rape just to get an abortion, save it for when Roe and Casey are no longer the law of the land.
If you’re trying to differentiate between forcible rape, and date rape?  Don’t.  Just don’t.

4: His response proved that he’s not ready for prime time, and running for the Senate is Prime Time.
Look, if Akin’s didn’t realize this question was going to be asked, then he is not qualified to be running for office, because he’s a blithering idiot.

If he did realize such a question would be asked, but wasn’t willing to sit down and practice until he had a good answer ready to go, he’s too damn lazy of a campaigner to be playing with the big kids.

If he knew it was going to be asked, practiced his answer, and this was the answer he put together, then he’s way too f’ing incompetent to be representing the Republican Party at any level.

If he knew it was going to be asked, prepped for it, and then just flubbed his answer, then given the situation, he’s obviously not competent to campaign in the big leagues, and it’s clear that he only won the primary because of Democrat support.

I can not see ANY reason why a real Republican would want to get behind the Democrats’ favorite candidate. Dump him, and get someone better.

Finally, if your sole objection to the “rape exclusion” is that women will use it to get around anti-abortion laws, then act like you have a functional brain, and SAVE IT FOR WHEN ROE V WADE HAS BEEN OVERTURNED. Seriously? At a time when the Supreme Court has a near “abortion uber ales” policy, you want to turn off potential voters by arguing about the hardest cases? WTF?

Christ on a crutch! If we can get Roe / Casey overturned, then we can worry about throwing in rules that say you can only use the rape exception if you reported the rape within 24 hours of it happening. This isn’t brain surgery people.  But let’s get a President who will appoint Justices who will overturn Roe, and Senators who will vote confirm those Justices, first.

Cart.  Horse.  Some assembly required.

If you’re not willing to make the argument that “we don’t kill rapists, why should it be OK to kill an innocent child created by rape?” then just STFU about rape and abortion, OK?

Akin isn’t going down because the Democrats are twisting what he said, he’s going down because what he said was totally indefensible. Republicans aren’t jumping down his throat because of the Democrats hyperventilating, we’re jumping down his throat because he’s proved that he’s an incompetent ass, and he’s going to cost us a Senate race that was a gimme before he screwed up.

And we (I) hate and revile him because he is putting his personal desires / ego / whatever in front of the good of the country. He needs to get out of the race, and needs to do it now. If that hurts him, tough shit. Getting control of the Senate, defeating Obama, and repealing ObamaCare are all infinitely more important than he is.

Any “Republican” who disagrees with that set of priorities is a real RINO.


Republican Health Care plans

April 29, 2012

Thanks to BufordTJustice1 for the following information on Republican Health Care provision reform plans, in response to a Volokh commenter (troll?) claiming that “the Republicans have no plan”:

HR3400 sponsored by Tom Price detailed at the following URL:…

The formal HR3400 bill can be viewed at:…

Another GOP bill for health care reform is HR3962 by John Boehner which is 219 pages in length. The URL is:…

The Pledge to America also provides details of their ideas for alternative legislation. That has been available since September 23, 2010.

Also, John Boehner held a national Republican address on October 31, 2009 outlining GOP ideas for health care reform.

Mitt Romney has described his Medicare plan:………

Paul Ryan released a Medicare plan which was soon followed by a revised plan with Ron Wyden.…

Most recently, Paul Broun released his replacement plan.

You speak of making things worse? The new cost shifting will blow away the current cost shifting by an order of magnitude. Subsidies and tax credits alone will cost $777 billion for the first seven years. Many if not most of them will pay nothing (or almost nothing) for their premiums. Then there’s the Medicaid expansion, estimated to cost $408 billion (state and federal combined). Obamacare preserves and reinforces the old cost shifting, while adding $1.2 trillion in new cost shifting.

The mandate will do absolutely nothing of any appreciable amount to resolve the current cost shifting and will make it massively worse:

About $30.2 billion of the $43 billion cannot be remedied by the mandate and will continue on just like before. That leaves $12.8 billion which is 0.5% of the nation’s health care costs, leaving 99.5% of health care expenditures unchanged. Unless you believe the mandate will work perfectly (which it won’t), it will not even come close to resolving $12.8 billion, especially once the word gets out how easy it is to game the system (see below). The government will be lucky if a small fraction of the $12.8 billion is even remotely alleviated, reducing the effect of the mandate to a purely symbolic token. This amount in relation to the total costs is virtually invisible and will have no tangible effect on cost shifting.

Those few not exempt from the mandate, not eligible for Medicaid and would not receive any tax credits or subsidies that don’t want to buy insurance now will not change their minds and will continue to freeload. Not only will the fine be less than the cost of the premium, but why even pay the fine if there is no arrest, lien, audit or garnishment allowed by Obamacare? All the IRS can do is withhold a tax refund.

Already, 49% of the country doesn’t even pay federal income tax in the first place. Out of the 51% who do, how many are owed a refund? Out of those, how much are they owed (i.e. even less than the amount of the fine)? Even if they pay the fine, they are still not in the insurance pool to spread the cost around which totally defeats the purpose of the mandate and Obamacare itself.

By the way, any exchanges run by the federal government will result in nobody in those states receiving tax credits/subsidies to buy insurance. The hasty, sloppy and corrupt writing of the bill only allowed this support for exchanges run by the states. This will result in the employer mandate going down. Business will sue if they are fined for not providing health insurance to employees who are not even eligible to receive benefits by going on the exchanges.

Did you also know Medicare Advantage is being propped up artificially by a corrupt and possibly illegal expenditure of $8.5 billion to sustain it only past the election? After the election, the plug will be pulled, screwing over seniors all across the country.