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The Democrat’s Press Problem

August 23, 2008

The Democrat Party has a press problem. Now, they don’t see it that way. They think the fact that the press is willing to give lefties a “pass” is a benefit. And, back when it was “The Press”, it was a benefit.

The problem is that now it’s merely the MSM. And while the MSM can refuse to cover issues they don’t want to cover, they no longer control the agenda enough to keep the information away from the voting public.

In 2004, this screwed the Democrats in two ways. John Kerry got a pass from the MSM on things like his “magic hat”, or “Christmas in Cambodia”, or the whole “military hero” thing. And thanks to the absence of a real vetting process, the Democrat Primary voters selected John Kerry as their candidate.

Then along came the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Who pointed out Kerry’s lies, his frauds, his cheats.  So much for “I’m John Kerry, and I’m reporting for duty.”

Then there was Rathergate.  Where the bloggers demonstrated that the MSM could no longer get away with creating fraudulent documents in order to help their candidate win an election.

Now, it could be that, even if Kerry had gone through a real vetting process, the Democrat Bench was so thin that Democrat voters would have picked him anyway.  (God knows the Democrat options in 2008 were pretty pathetic.)  But, if he had been vetted, he would not have done that idiotic “reporting for duty” crap, and he wouldn’t have had to “disappear” people, like David Alston, who appeared on stage at the DNC giving Kerry credit for other people’s actions.  Might he have gotten more votes in that case?  I certainly can’t imagine him getting less if he hadn’t pulled that idiocy.

And, if Democrat politicians were aware that (eventually) they will be vetted, would they be less likely to do the kind of things that are going to destroy Senator Obama in this Presidential campaign?

Consider: would any Republican who was serious about national ambitions associate with a right-wing version of “Reverend” Wright?  Would any of them get their entre to public life from a known, unrepentant, abortion clinic bomber (i.e. a right-wing William Ayers)?  Hell no.  And anyone who did, would have it exposed, and get destroyed early.

For the last couple of decades, if you were a politician and a disgusting human being, you had a strong incentive to also be a Democrat.  Bob Packwood (R-Oregon) got hounded from office.  Bill Clinton (D-Pres) got supported in office, for doing far worse.  If you were a politician who wanted to sexually harass women, would you be a D, or an R?

In part because we know the press is against us, Republicans do their best to get rid of their scum.  The Democrats, secure in their belief that a baised press would never go against them, has perpetually compromised its “principles” and looked the other way.

Happily, thanks to the internet, that power of that cover is weakening.  And the Democrats are going to pay for relying on it.