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Dishonesty watch: Leftist columnist claims anti-GamerGaters are like Israel

October 14, 2014

It’s amazing the lies one will tell when one thinks they’ve looked the other side out of the discussion:

For a few weeks now, the Internet—or one large and particularly nerdy corner of it, anyway—has been alight with furious debates about #Gamergate. The mercifully short version of this affair is this: a swath of predominantly male gaming enthusiasts, motivated by not much save for the crudest cut of misogyny, have decided to wage a campaign against women who are entering the gaming community, designing their own games, and otherwise contributing to the growth of the medium.

My response:  Not posting it there, since the only way they’ll let you comment is via Facebook:

This article is the most disgustingly dishonest garbage I’ve run across today.  #GamerGate is about gamers getting tired of an utterly corrupt “elite” which wishes to force their will on all Gamers.  It’s about the powerful using censorship and bullying to drown out any voices but their own  In short, it’s a LOT like what’s happening to Israel, but contra your claims, it is the anti-Gamers who are acting like Israels enemies.