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Gov Walker kills “Equal Pay Enforcement Act”

April 7, 2012

Ann Althouse wrote “I’d like to know more about the repeal of the 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act, which I referred to a couple posts ago.”

Since her Capcha system never lets me though, I’ll respond here:

What’s to know?  it’s a bad law.  You want “equal pay for equal work”?  Great.  Do equal work.

You want to get paid as much as a cop?  be a cop.  You want to get paid as much as a garbage man?  Great.  Be one (or a garbage woman).

No bureaucrat, no court, no lawyer is qualified to judge whether or not two jobs are “equal”.  That is the job of the market, and the job of the individuals who make up the market.  You don’t like the pay for your job of choice?  Find a different one.

Two jobs require the same educational attainment, but one gets paid more than the other?  Sounds like more people want to do the lower paying job, and fewer want to do the higher paying one, so the higher paying one has to pay more to get people.

Good for Gov. Walker, and the Republican controlled Legislature,  for killing it.