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A response to National Lawyers Guild, Penn Law Chapter

September 11, 2017

The National Lawyers Guild, Penn Law Chapter, got their panties in a wad over Professor Wax pointing out the obvious fact that not all cultures are created equal, and that bourgeois culture is superior to most.

I wrote the following reply.  Being the kind of Marxist thugs that try to destroy someone’s life for disagreeing with them, I’m sure they won’t post it. So here it is:

While we do not challenge Professor Wax’s right to express her views, we question whether it is appropriate for her to continue to teach a required first-year course.

If you are that bad at logic, you must be horrible lawyers.

Which is rather sad, since you are clearly also horrible people.

By attempting to get Professor Wax fired for her views, you are indeed “challeng[ing] Professor Wax’s right to express her views”. Which every single person with a functioning brain understands.

What every single person with a functioning brain ought to also understand is that your attempt to establish that only left-winger may teach, is going to end with Republicans destroying all government support for “education”, since there’s absolutely no reason for us to give money to thugs (you’re advocating firing someone for disagreeing with you. That’s the definition of a thug) to indoctrinate people in evil “values”.

How stupid DO you have to be not to realize that?