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This will be great, if Obama pulls it off

April 22, 2009

By way of  HotAir, I found this from IBD

It started Saturday, when he put himself next to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe at lunch and then studiously exchanged notes.

Having listened to Uribe … Obama then seemed to realize that the long-stalled Colombia free trade agreement should have been passed yesterday.

The president announced that his team must find a way to pass the agreement.

Sweet.  The Democrats opposition to this agreement has made a mockery of Obama’s claims to oppose American “bullying” in Latin America, since their opposition was based on the wish to add requirements for Columbia to change their society to suit Democrat desires.  Since the treaty gives us the same benefits we’re currently giving the Columbians (in exchange for their anti-drug efforts), supporting the treaty is an “any-brainer” (i.e. anyone with any brains at all supports it).

It’s good to see President Obama supporting it.