Ad Age joins the anti-GamerGate harrassment

A response to some pathetic bullshit on Ad Age

“The now amorphous movement was formed by a group of gamers demanding better ethics in video game journalism (the bad journalism is the “gate” part) but was co-opted by a group hunting for any slight and quick to berate and threaten critics with anything from rape and murder to the exposure of private information.”

Thank you for demonstrating early in your article that you are yet another dishonest political hack.

The anti-GamerGate propaganda is that GamerGate has been “taken over” by all these bad things.  The reality is that vast majority of the doxing and personal attacks comes from the anti-GamerGaters.  If you’ve been following what’s happening, you know that, and are lying about it.  If you don’t know it, it’s because you haven’t been paying attention, and aren’t qualified to write an article on it.

Advise to brands: Your customers are watching you.  Do you side with the politically correct thugs who hate your customers, and routinely go out of their way to attack, and offend, your customers?  Then by all means, continue to associate with Gawker, and the other anti-gamer haters.

Do you value your customers?  Do you think your customers have the right to have their own hobbies without being attacked by totalitarian thugs who wish to force their “one true way” on everyone else?

Then whenever you see someone attacking GamerGate, run away from them as fast as you can.


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