It’s not both parties

Comment to a post on Volokh:

(3) “Previous presidents who engaged in wrongdoing have had members of their own political party who were willing to stand up and say so.  But with Washington politics more polarized than they have ever been since the Civil War—in part because, unlike for most of American history, the Democrats and Republicans have clearly divided into liberal and conservative factions—one cannot count on partisans for one side to criticize their own.”

Wrong.  The problem is that Democrats are conscienceless power-hungry, and utterly amoral.  They are the party of government, the party of power, and nothing else matters to them.

See all those “year of the women” Democrat Senators, who were so offended by Clarance Thomas, and who immediately fell in line to support Clinton.  This isn’t a “both parties” problem, it’s a Democrat Party problem.

Republicans created Porkbusters to fight Bush Administration big government spending, because Republicans and Republican voters actually have principles.

Where’s the anti-war movement with all of Obama’s acts?  Nowhere, because Democrats and the left have no principles, they simply have a lust for power.


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