Comment on the Zimmerman case

“He bears some moral responsibility for Martin’s death for reasons William Saletan has enumerated”

The only problem being that the “reasons William Saletan has enumerated” were complete crap. GZ was attacked by Martin near GZ’s car. If Martin had wanted to go home, he would have gone home, and NOTHING would have happened.

One person, and one person only, cares the complete moral responsibility for what happened: Treyvon Martin.  There is absolutely nothing morally wrong with being suspicious of someone who’s acting suspiciously, EVEN if the person who is acting suspiciously happens to be a teenaged black male.

Punching someone, tackling him to the ground, and then beating on him because he hurt your feelings?  Completely and totally unjustified.  Get over it, and yourself.

I was out walking last night, and my path was about to intersect the path of a mid 20s female.  She stopped walking at reached into her backpack for something.  I gave her a nod and a smile, and bent my path a bit so there was a couple more feet of clearance between us.

Would I ever be a threat to her?  No.  Was I insulted that she was worried about it?  No.  Treyvon Martin is dead because he illegitimately chose to get bent out of shape.  That’s his problem, not George Zimmerman’s.

The, IIRC, last defense witness to testify was a woman whose house had been broken in to when she was at home with her ~7 month old infant.  911 told her to grab whatever weapon she could, and retreat to the safest place she could find.  She grabbed a screw driver, and went to her bedroom with her baby.  The robber jiggled her door handle before stealing things and going away.  George Zimmerman and his wife, as friendly neighbors, tried to help her.

GZ eventually helped catch the black teenage male who lived in the complex, and who was the robber, caught with stolen goods from multiple houses in his home.  Will left that out, since it detracts from his preferred narrative.

Treyvon Martin was a thief, caught with stolen jewelry in his possession.  He was on drugs the night he attacked GZ.  According to GZ, TM came to his attention because TM was acting like he was casing a house for later robbery, just like the previous teenage criminal GZ helped catch.  If you’re rich enough so that you can live in a place where the cops come quickly, and the criminals stay away, good for you.

But for you to look down your nose at George Zimmerman, a man who wasn’t as well off as you, and who was therefore putting his time and effort into trying to make his neighborhood a better and safer place to live, is contemptible.

You should be ashamed of yourself.


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