Victims of Communism day

Today is Victims of Communism day.  While the Chinese Communists under Mao murdered more people than anyone else, today is the day to remember all the victims, not just those of Mao, Stalin, and Castro.


One Response to “Victims of Communism day”

  1. Dedicated_Dad Says:

    This comment is TOTALLY unrelated to this post, and I don’t often do this, but…

    In case you’re not fully aware, The Passion of Saint Skittles has now been proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be NOTHING more than a professionally-managed media program intended to force the unwarranted and illegal arrest Zimmerman so as to give his family’s lawyers the right to sue [ie:extort a “settlement”] everyone involved from Jorge through the State of FL

    Your comment at deserves [with minor editing] to be repeated ad-infinitum!!

    “…Would Trayvon be alive if he hadn’t attacked Zimmerman? That’s the way it looks. And unless that changes, I’m not going to lose a second’s sleep over what happened to Trayvon.

    If Zimmerman hit, pushed, or grabbed Trayvon first, then he deserves to go to jail. But if he didn’t? I [am] perfectly happy living in a world where [brutally assaulting someone] gets you killed.


    In my younger, infinitely wilder days, I was infinitely fond of a saying; “Don’t START nothin’, won’t BE nothin’!!

    Giving everyone involved the maximum benefit of the doubt, I’m even willing to allow young “No_Limit_Nigga” the sucker-punch – but when he proceeded to mount the seven-inches-shorter man he’d already floored, and repeatedly pound his head into a concrete curb while his victim screamed for help, Jorge Zimmerman had every reason to believe his life was in danger, and thus the RIGHT to defend himself by any means necessary.

    In short, Trayvon “chimped out” on the wrong man, brought Skittles to a gun-fight, and earned himself a fatal case of acute lead poisoning.

    The only part of this that gives me any pity for him is watching the twisted machinations of his ‘family’ – with those two for “parents”, that boy never had a CHANCE!

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