Too stupid for words

Josh Marshall, who was apparently born about 6 months ago, has a moronic post up that ends with the following:

Let’s be honest with ourselves: the American right has a deep-seated problem with political violence. It’s deep-seated; it’s recurrent and it’s real. And it endangers the country. It just makes sense to say something the first time they hit the sauce and not wait for things to get really out of hand.

Wow, and here I thought the Weathermen, and the SDS, were left wingers.  Earth First, the other animal rights wackos (and, Contra Josh’s attempt to minimize their violence, spiking trees, burning down research labs, and destroying researchers work are not minor things), I guess they’re all “True Conservatives.”  Union Thugs?  True Conservatives, on and all, esp. the ones who beat up Ken Galdney.  Anti-globalization protesters?  They, like Andrew Sullivan, are of course the last true conservatives.

Political violence in America has been mainly the domain of The Left since the late 1960s.  You want to see criminality, violence, the destruction of property?  Go to a left wing protest, that’s where you’ll find those things, and that’s most certainly where you’ll find those things glorified.

Josh Marshall can’t possibly be ignorant enough not to know that.


2 Responses to “Too stupid for words”

  1. DL Says:

    God, you really don’t know your American history do you? Were the weathermen and SDS supported by Democratic politicians? Is Earth First? No. They were and are fringe groups without an audience in mainstream politics. On the other hand, Fox News and conservative politicians at all levels are supporting the teabaggers, those bearing arms to political rallies, and predicting and advocating an outbreak of violence to be perpetrated by conservatives. Your selective reading of the past is truly pathetic.

    And the assault of Kenneth Galdney? Well, you saw the video right? He’s a fraud.

    But hey, you keep telling yourself conservatives don’t have a problem. I look forward to hearing your excuses the next time someone who hates liberals shoots up a church or a rally.

  2. gregq Says:


    Ever heard of Bill Ayers? He’s an integral part of the Chicago Democrat political establishment. I hear he had a few things to do with the Weathermen. No?

    When Democrat politicians stop excusing the left-wing crazies, and settle for outright and unapologetically condemning them (no “that’s bad, but…” No ifs, ands, or maybes. Simply “that is wrong, and they should be punished for violating the law”), then, and only then, can the Democrats be free of the taint of those scum.

    However, that ignores the most important point:
    SDS, Weathermen, Earth First: Engage in violence, terrorism, criminality, and destructive behavior to push their political agenda.

    Fox: reports news that lefties don’t want to hear.
    Tea Partyers; Exercising the First Amendment rights to assemble and protest, legally, against government actions they disapprove of.

    The fact that your deranged and fevered mind finds any commonality between the two says a lot about you. None of it good.

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