Judge Arthur Gonzalez is Criminal Scum

This is utterly disgusting news

The White House said Wednesday that a US court ruling clearing the way for the sale of Chrysler , likely to Fiat, cleared the way for a quick and orderly bankruptcy for the collapsing auto giant.

…Gonzales told a packed federal courtroom in New York on Tuesday that the plan was “a fair and ordinary process,” stressing the “urgent need for the sale to be consummated.”

Dear “Judge” Gonzalez:

I don’t think that phrase “a fair and ordinary process,” means what you think it means.  Giving secured creditors < 35 cents on the dollar, while giving unsecured, politically connected creditors > 50 cents on the dollar, isn’t “fair and ordinary”, it’s political corruption,  Your willingness to spit on bankruptcy law and allow this political theft is arguably criminal.  You are a contemptible and worthless human being.  Given a chance to do your job, you violated your oath of office, and allowed political thugs to steal from a group of politically unpopular people in order to give the money to their campaign donors.

This is the kind of corrupt behavior we expect from Third World hellholes, not the United States of America.

I don’t know what kind of payoff you expect to get for this behavior, but whatever it is, understand it has cost you your honor, and your reputation.


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