The Joys of Socialized Medicine

From England comes the following heart warming story

YouTube helped father deliver baby

A proud father has explained how watching video clips on YouTube helped him deliver his baby son.

Marc Stephens said he had to act quickly when his wife Jo went into labour three weeks early as she had a history of fast births with her previous three children.

The 28-year-old Royal Navy air engineer, from Redruth, Cornwall, searched “how to deliver a baby” on the internet and after viewing a few clips said he was ready to help deliver healthy baby Gabriel.

Mr Stephens said: “I didn’t even have time to panic. She started complaining of pain around 10.30pm. I went on Google and watched a couple of clips on YouTube.

“At 2.30am she woke me up, but when I rang the midwife to come out she said they were busy at the hospital.

Woman with a history of fast births goes into labor three weeks early.  She started having pains, and four hours later labor began.  What would an American do with those four hours?  Go to the hospital.  What did the Brits do?  Stay at home, because going to the hospital wasn’t worth it.  Instead the husband went on YouTube to find some clips on how to deliver a baby.

Labor starts.  They call the midwife.  Sorry, too busy.  So he delivers the baby.

Try to imagine this happening to someone in the US who has health insurance.  Because in Great Britain, they all have health insurance.  That have “Universal Coverage.”  Which means, the care they got is the care that everyone gets (unless they’re politically connected, or rich enough to be able to avoid the system).  (Note: this guy’s a Royal Navy air engineer.  His equvalent in the US would certainly have health insurance.  And I don’t believe that even the VA is this bad).


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