Missing the point on PPIP

By way of Megan, we get this

Potential buyers of assets complain that, a month after Tim Geithner, US Treasury secretary, unveiled the public-private investment programme, the authorities have yet to reassure them they would not be subjected to draconian Congressional scrutiny.

Megan, mising the point, has this to say

I think it’s very clear what the implications are:  if you take the King’s Shilling, the King gets to micromanage your life.  Nor do I see what good it will do to have Treasury clarify its statement.  The government is no longer capable of making a credible committment to keep its hands of firms that participate.  If the voters decide that you make too much money, Congress will move heaven and earth to take that money away from you, plus some extra money, and maybe they’ll deny you permission to build that bathroom addition, too.  They also reserve the right to tell you how to run your company.

And in general, I am not against having strings attached to government money.

The problem isn’t that “strings come with government money.”  Of course they do, and of course they should.

The problem is that the idiots running this Democrat Congress are attaching brand new strings after the money’s been taken.  That is dishonest, wrong, and the problem.  When teh strings are up front, you can look at them, and decide whether the deal is worth it.  When they’re after the fact, no rational person would want to get involved.

And that’s what the Democrats who Megan supported in the last election have given us.


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