Why Unions are Evil

I loathe unions.  The Federal Government unions are demonstrating why that’s the only appropriate feeling for those vile organizations:

Last month the Pentagon announced it would “review” a pay-for-performance system that now covers some 200,000 of its civilian employees, delaying any new entrants to the system. In short, merit pay for work well done.

Fugettaboutit. House Democrats are now pushing to freeze pay for performance across the entire federal government.

That’s the upshot of a letter sent by eight House Democratic barons to White House budget chief Peter Orszag asking for a halt on expansion of merit pay. “A well-designed performance management system can recognize and reward high performance without a linkage to compensation,” they wrote. Gosh, why didn’t the private sector think of that?

As the biggest merit plan in the government, the National Security Personnel System has been a prime target of federal employee unions since it was launched in 2006. Originally intended to cover three times as many employees, the merit system was whittled down to exclude blue-collar bargaining-unit workers. For the remaining segment, a nine-union coalition took the issue to court in 2007 arguing that the plan illegally limited collective bargaining. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals gave them no support.

According to figures released by the Pentagon in February, almost all of the employees in the merit system got raises or bonuses in 2009, with the average total reward of 8.35%. That dwarfs the 2.9% to 4.8% hike that most of the federal government’s General Schedule employees got for the same time period. Unions prefer a return to a universal General Schedule system, which compensates employees based on time served.

Decent human beings believe you should be rewarded based on the value of your work.  Unions are based upon the premise that individuals have no worth.  That doing good shouldn’t be rewarded, and doing bad shouldn’t be punished.

Vile, evil, scum.


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