Why “liberal” is now a synonym for “dishonest”

A comment on OLC nominee Dawn Johnsen

In my opinion, some critics of her nomination have focused on the wrong questions — whether or not she is too “liberal”

In America today, to be “liberal” is to be dishonest. Once you’ve decided “the Constitution is a Living Document”, which is to say once you’ve decided that the Constitution means whatever 5 left-wing justices think they can get away with saying that it means, you’ve permanently forfeited any claim of being able to “provide an accurate and honest appraisal of applicable law”.

I’m sorry her confirmation is being held up. She should be testifying in front of Republican senators, who should be asking her:

1: What’s her position on the Constitutionality of the DC voting bill?
2: Should the OLC Opinion be released?
3: What’s her opinion of Holder doing an end-run around the professional staff of the OLC when they told him something he didn’t want to hear?

“Liberals” believe that any means are permissible when you are pursuing the “right” (which is to say their) ends. It’s time they received what they’ve been dishing out.



One Response to “Why “liberal” is now a synonym for “dishonest””

  1. futiledemocracy Says:

    If Liberal means dishonest, Conservative must be a synonym for “satan-esque”, after the past eight years.

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