My comment to “liberals”

The members of the Iowa State Supreme Court have decided that their oaths of office are meaningless, their personal desires are all important, and that therefore Iowa must now have Same Sex “Marriages”

I have posted the following comment at Volokh. It will probably be deleted. Even if it isn’t, it belongs here


I couldn’t care less who or what you sleep with, or have sex with. I don’t care what kind of stupid little ceremonies you have with your sex partner du jour. Whatever fantasies you want to engage in, go right ahead.

I have complete, utter, and absolute contempt for you, as a human being, because of your willingness to cheer people on as they violate their oaths of office, and rewrite State Constitutions according to their (and your) personal desires.

<b>If it wasn’t explicitly put in there by the voters, then it’s not there.</b>

The reason why I’m not, and will never be, an American “liberal” is because American “liberals” are evil human beings.

You are not evil because of your policy disagreements with me. You are evil because you’ve decided that your beliefs are so “special” that the fact that you can’t win at the ballot box gives you the <b>right</b> to make the ballot box meaningless.

You are evil because you believe that 4 – 7 black robed thugs rewriting the Constitution to suit their personal beliefs is “justice”, and 6 million people voting to save their Constitution from the depredations of those thugs is “mob rule”.

I don’t know what lies you tell yourself so that you can pretend that your beliefs aren’t utterly noxious. I don’t know if it’s simply that you favor dictatorship over democracy, and think that honesty is for chumps. Frankly, I don’t care.

I do wonder, however, at the idiocy that leads you to believe that a small minority is <b>better off</b> by destroying the rule of law. Exactly what do you think will protect you when your opponents decide that you’re right, and the law simply doesn’t matter?


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