Comments on Ta-Nehisi Coates Blog

Ta-Nehisi Coates has an imbecilic post up where she(?) opines on how Obama’s attack against McCain for the Keating 5 is good, and much more “substantive” than the attacks about Ayers and Wright. The commenters are even more idiotic. I’ve added two comments. Given that comment moderation appears to be turned on, I’m saving these here, too.

Part of me thinks it’s stronger than the Wright/Ayers stuff because it’s a personal attack with substance and policy behind it.

Gosh, the US is involved in a Global War on Terror, and Obama got his political start with the help of an unrepentant anti-American terrorist. Nope, no policy or substance there!

Gee, Obama’s running on his “judgment”, and he spent 20 years in a church run by a delusional (the US Government created AIDS) anti-America (“God damn America”) bigot (Black liberation Theology). Nope, nothing of substance there!

<i>It’s about time Obama dropped the Keating Five on McCain. McCain took bribes. (Some call them “campaign contributions”</i>

You people are so funny. Obama was the #2 recipient of bribes, I mean campaign contributions, from Fannie and Freddie, not 20 years ago, but in the last 4, and you want to be talking about companies bribing Senators to get protection from regulators?

Bring it on!


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