Why Ayers matters

I’ve seen various comments of the form “so, what’s so big about Obama’s associaton with Ayers.  It was no big deal in the circles where he traveled.”

That, my friends, is the point.

If Barack Obama wins the election, he will, as President of the United States of America, be appointing a lot of people.  In the circles Obama travels in, being an unrepentant former anti-American terrorist is no big deal.

So, what kind of people will Obama be appointing as ambassadors?  As Cabinet members?  As staff?  As judges?  How many former anti-US terrorists will be in the Obama Executive Branch?  How many people who don’t think the SDS, or the Weathermen, “did enough” during the 60s?  How many flaming lefties will end up in the Education Department, more interested in indoctrinating your children then in actually educating them?

Do you really want to find out?  Personnel is policy.  The personnel in Obama’s life are William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Michelle Obama (read her senior thesis), and the like.

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