Sarah Palin, reader

Sarah Palin’s reading habits (From “Sarah”, pages 21 – 22 in the paperback, hardback published April 2008)

Sarah had two childhood traits that her family says played pivotal roles in her life. From the time she was in elementary school, she consumed newspapers with a passion. “She read the paper from the very top left-hand corner to the bottom right corner to the very last page,” said Molly. “She didn’t want to miss a word. She didn’t just read it – she knew every word she had read and analyzed it.”
Sarah preferred nonfiction to the Nancy Drew books that her classmates were reading. In junior high school, Heather – a year older in school – often enlisted Sarah’s help with book reports. “She was such a bookworm. Whenever I was assigned to read a book, she’d already read it,” Heather said.

So, all you “Sarah’s an ignoramus” snobs. You might want to try displaying a little bit of intellectual curiosity yourself once in a while.


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