Obama’s lack of intellectual qualifications

A response to Orin Kerr,

I realize you’re not a lawyer, so you don’t know what counts as an impressive credential in the law or what counts as a sign of intelligence or not.

I know lots of people with impressive credentials. Many of them are impressive people, some are not.

When all is said and done, the simple fact remains that Obama has, all his life, “kept his light under a bushel.”

What did he do as an undergrad? We don’t know. He’s refused to release any information about it.

He went to Harvard Law School. While he was there, he did his best to hide himself from all those around him, to the point that everyone appeared to think that he agreed with them. He wrote one thing that was published in the law review, and did his best to hide that during the campaign. Happily, it came to light. Unhappily, it’s a pedestrian piece of writing that shows no sign of legal brilliance, great understanding, etc.

He was some sort of “law professor” at U of C for 12 years, and did not produce a single piece of legal scholarship in that time.

He took part in an education reform effort in Chicago. It was a failure. (Go read Tom Maguire for the details.)

He was first elected to office in 1996. He’s been in elective office since then. In that 12 years, he has not accomplished a single thing worth bragging about. In his 4 years in the US Senate, the most significant thing he’s accomplished was getting a database of (some) earmarks. He hasn’t had a single bill that he pushed and fought for (i.e. that was interesting and / or controversial enough that there was actually a fight over its passage).

He’s been running for President for 2 years. In that time he’s yet to come up with a single issue / reason to vote for him. He’s for “Hope” and “Change”. We’re two weeks out from the election, and he’s still a blank slate.

What is Barack Obama’s mandate? If he’s elected President, why is it that the American People will have elected him?

There’s two possible reasons for why you can’t answer that question. The first is that he’s a second rate thinker who offers us nothing because that’s what he is, and what he has to offer: nothing.

The second is that he believes that if he were honest with the American people about what he wanted to do as President, he wouldn’t get elected.

Can you offer another reason why this 47 year old brilliant thinker / great legal mind would still be such a blank slate? Esp. considering the signal lack of accomplishments (other than winning elections) in his life?

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