Barack Obama’s Intellectual Curiosity

Ann Althouse is quoting Colin Powell as saying he’s supporting Senator Obama for President because they share the same skin color because “Obama displayed a steadiness, an intellectual curiosity, a depth of knowledge….”

“Intellectual curiosity”. Yeah, right.

Senator Obama was at the University of Chicago for 12 years. How many Republican or libertarian Economics Professors did he discuss politics or economics with? How often did he go to those who disagreed with him, and say “This is what I think. Why do you disagree?” 0?

I hit close to this in my first blog post. The New York Times did an article on Obama, and the thing that I think jumps off the page is that Obama never intellectually engages with those who disagree with him. Talks with them, associates with them, but never engages with them. Never challenges their thinking, and never opens himself up to the possibility that someone might, in any way, know something that could convince him he’s wrong, about anything.

Obama has written two books. The topic? Himself. Nothing else is (apparently) interesting enough to him.

How many law review articles has Professor Obama written? He was a professor / senior professor / lecturer for 12 years, and nothing was interesting enough for him to write an article on it?

As an undergraduate, Obama wrote a senior thesis. Has anyone read it? He’s been trapped into admitting that he wrote one law review article while he worked for the law review. Has anyone read it?

Is there existing even a single example of academic writing by Barack Obama that displays any special level of intellectual curiosity, academic competence, or intellectual rigor? Anything?

Or is this all just more Bidenesque “clean and articulate” babbling? Perhaps mixed in with a bit of “oh, he’s a Democrat, so he must be smart” (you know, like Joe Biden)?


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One Response to “Barack Obama’s Intellectual Curiosity”

  1. Pervasive Malaise Says:

    he is a fraud. but he does have opinions and a road map of sorts. he does have an agenda and unless your are one of his henchmen you will not like his agenda.

    he is the Stalin/Hitler/Mugabe/Chavez of our time. he is no different. he cannot employ the methods they used … yet. hopefully he never will have the opportunity.

    he is not a blank slate ..he is an angry and evil small minded narcissist.

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