Sarah Palin, PTA Mom

In this Presidential campaign, we have the team that cares about the poor and middle class, and then we have the candidate who supports the powerful in their fight against the powerless.

First: the decent human beings:

John McCain supports vouchers so that poor people can send their children to decent schools, rather than the crappy inner city public schools.

Sarah Palin is a “PTA Mom“, and sends her kids to public schools that she’s fought to make better.

Now, the scum of the Earth:

Barack Obama opposes vouchers for poor and middle class families, while sending his children to private schools with tuitions in the $20,000 / year range (although, if you consider this a “defense”, he may only be paying 1/2 that).  You see, public schools are “good enough” for the losers he wants to “take care of” as President, but they’re not good enough for his children.

I suppose that, like Jim Lindgren, you could be happy that he loves his children enough to want to get them a good education.

I, other the other hand, am not impressed.  He’s not running for “World’s Best Dad” (and if he is, he’s failed for other reasons), he’s running for President of the United States.  If he gave a damn about the people of America, he would favor all of them, not just the rich, getting good educations.  But favoring that would put him in conflict with the Teacher’s Unions.

And when choosing between helping all Americans, or helping the Special Interests, Obama choose the Special Interests.

Because Obama, and the Democrats, only believe in “choice” when it involves avoiding taking responsibility for your actions.

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One Response to “Sarah Palin, PTA Mom”

  1. letschooseschools Says:

    Preach it, Greg! Preach it!

    You might want to check out the YouTube url

    One great African American, Dr. Howard Fuller, is preaching the sermon that Obama doesn’t want to hear. He calls Obama’s ilk HYPOCRITES.

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