Why I Love Sarah Palin, Part 1

This will be a continuing series. 🙂

By way of Deroy Murdock on NRO I came across the following from December 2006, about two weeks after Sarah Palin took office as Governor of Alaska. The article is full of good quotes:

High oil prices poured billions extra into state coffers over the past two years, and Palin’s proposal calls for socking away roughly $1.9 billion of that cash into a rainy day account where it would be tougher for legislators to spend.

Go Sarah!

To keep her operating budget from growing any larger, she said she’ll also direct her commissioners to look for $150 million worth of waste to slice from state spending.

Still, Parnell said the cuts are a realistic goal because of the steep increase in state spending.
“The budget’s gone from $2.2 billion to the $3.9 (billion) just in the last five or six years.”

If it’s grown that fast, there has to be waste involved! What a wonderful (and correct) attitude.

Note: It’s common to hear people running for office talking about how they’ll “cut waste” (rather than, you know, identify specific programs they’ll cut).  My general response to that is “yep, you and the tooth fairy.”  But this wasn’t candidate Palin talking about what she would do, this was Governor Palin saying “this is what I’m going to do this budget”.

I don’t know if she actually did it (and I don’t ahve the time to do the research right now).  But I’m willing to believe her here, in a way I wouldn’t believe anyone who merely said it on the campaign trail.

But the quote that first caught my eye was this:

Palin’s budget doesn’t include money for mega projects that she supported as a candidate, such as the controversial Gravina Island bridge in Ketchikan.
Asked if she’d changed her mind about the project, Palin said she will hash out where the bridge fits on the state’s list of priorities with the help of the Legislature and public.
“We have a limited pot of money of course, and we need to make wise, sensible choices,” she said.

Yes! That is the kind of person I want in government.


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