Russian Targets in the Caribbean

When I say “Russian Targets”, I mean “Russian Strategic Nuclear bombers and Cruisers.”

As the Russians announced:

Two Russian strategic bombers landed in Venezuela on Wednesday as part of military maneuvers, the government said, announcing an unprecendented deployment to the territory of a new ally at a time of increasingly tense relations with the U.S.

Chavez also said plans for joint Russian-Venezuelan naval exercises in the region in November were currently being worked out, and said his closeness to the Kremlin would result in a cooperation that would “strengthen the country.”

His announcement confirmed an Interfax report in Russia citing the Russian defense ministry saying the bombers would be in Venezuela for training flights over “neutral waters.”

Thanks guys, I’m sure our guys will enjoy the practice tracking your planes.

Among the Russian ships to take part in the exercises would be the heavy nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser Peter the Great, a vessel with massive firepower whose cruise missiles can deliver nuclear or conventional warheads.

The planes — huge supersonic combat aircraft similar to the US B1 bombers, capable of flying long missions with a heavy payload — are capable of carrying nuclear or conventional bombs and/or cruise and guided missiles.

I know the Bobbleheads are looking forward to getting to run tracking exercises on those boats in “US” waters.

What was that Obama was saying about Venezuela being “a tiny country that poses no threat”?


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