Mocking the “Coastal Elite”

My last post was about a great comment on Megan McArdle’s post on “Coastal Elite Privilege.

I mentioned that she got a large number of comments from clueless “liberals” that prove her point. I’m going to make fun of this one, by a twit who calls himself “rush”.

BUT — that’s no excuse for them to continually vote against their interests. The politics of the coastal states is in line with the needs of working people in this country.

Um, no. “The politics of the coastal states” is in line with the desires of the coastal states residents. You have chosen to “give” the “working people in this country” things that you think they should want, and that you have decided should be more valuable to them than what you’re demanding from them.

They disagree. If they didn’t disagree, they wouldn’t be voting Republican. So, who’s the idiot? Them, for disagreeing with you? Or you, for being unwilling to change your offer to one they’d be willing to accept?

I understand their pain and can relate to it. Elitism in any form is bad and we need to unite as a nation.

Blah, blah, blah. Whine, bullshit, pile of crap. If you actually understood their pain, you wouldn’t go out of your way to inflict it.

But we can’t constantly back down from what we believe.

They (the “Kansas” / “flyover country” voters), can and should back down from what they believe, because they’re just dumb hicks who don’t understand the world around them. We coastal elites, with our superior understanding of the world, OTOH, we can’t back down.

Sorry, but gun control and abortion rights are important issues.

and therefore you dumb hicks need to give up your opinions on them and accept ours.

Not because we are elitists but because we see street violence and teenage mothers struggling around us. That’s a fact.

Two thoughts here. First: Wow, you’ve got all that gun control and abortion, yet still you have “street violence and teenage mothers.” Could it possibly be that gun control and abortion aren’t the answer? Naw. You can’t actually think about the issues, that’s a violation of your religion.

Gee, could it possibly be that Federalism would allow you to ban guns in your areas, while leaving our guns alone? Yes, it might have. Too bad you guys decided that the way to advance your unpopular agenda was to use left-wing “Justices” to override and rewrite the Constitution, and destroy that whole Federalism thing.

Second: Notice how the “elitists” “see” these things that the rest of us are just too blind to see, or too stupid to understand. Isn’t it kind of them to share their “wisdom” with us?

I am soooooo irritated this morning. The cynical politics of the right and how it might work again. I don’t have an answer to it. The pig lipstick comment taken out of context.

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