The most damning commentary I’ve seen about Obama

Wow, Michael Barone has just eviscerated Senator Barack Obama.  He talks about Chicago politics, and about how in order to “get into” Chicago politics you have to know somebody.  To put it in the Chicago vernacular, to “be somebody” you have to be “somebody somebody sent”.

How did this outsider from Hawaii and Columbia and Harvard become somebody somebody sent? His wife, Michelle Robinson Obama, had some connections: Her father was (I believe) a Democratic precinct committeeman, she baby-sat for Jesse Jackson’s children, and she worked as a staffer for the current Mayor Daley. Obama made connections on the all-black South Side by joining the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church. But was Obama’s critical connection to le tout Chicago William Ayers? That’s the conclusion you are led to by Steve Diamond’s blog.

William Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist who was quoted in the new York Times on September 11, 2001

I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.

It would be one thing to suck up to a guy who used to be a terrorist, and now rejected that behavior and repented of it.  It’s quite another to pal around with someone who believes that terrorism is acceptable behavior.

Would you associate with a former gang thug, someone who beat up people, torched houses and businesses, but who now recognized that what he did was wrong?  Who regretted what he’d done, and tried to make up for it?

I would be willing to associate with such a person, and would not reject out of hand someone else who associated with such a person.

Would you associate with a “former” gang thug, who was no longer big, strong, and tough enough to beat up other people, but who fondly looked back on memories of his criminal behavior, gloried in his crimes, and had no regrets?

If you had two candidates running for DA, Sheriff, or Chief of Police, and one of them used that “former” gang thug as a fund-raiser, and valued supporter, while the other avoided all such people, would you vote for the one who hangs out with the thug?

So, will you vote for President a man who counts an unrepentant terrorist among his most important supporters?  Shall the Global War on Terror be led by a man who clearly doesn’t think that terrorism is all that wrong?  (Because if Barack Obama thought terrorism was wrong, he never would have associated with William Ayers.

If you don’t believe in a “war” on terror, if you believe it’s simply a “law enforcement problem”, will you vote to elect as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America, a man who associates with known, unrepentant, terrorists?  A man who’s only able to run for the office in the first place because of support of a known terrorist?


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