What an ass

Gateway Pundit caught Obama being a typical left-wing jerk:

Democrat Barack Obama scolded Russia again on Wednesday for invading another country’s sovereign territory while adding a new twist: the United States, he said, should set a better example on that front, too.

The Illinois senator’s opposition to the Iraq war, which his comment clearly referenced, is well known. But this was the first time the Democratic presidential candidate has made a comparison between the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Russia’s recent military activity in Georgia.

“We’ve got to send a clear message to Russia and unify our allies,” Obama told a crowd of supporters in Virginia. “They can’t charge into other countries. Of course it helps if we are leading by example on that point.”

Gosh, yes, there’s no difference between deposing a murderous dictator, and invading a democratic country because you want to destroy it.


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2 Responses to “What an ass”

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Obama’s experience is sitting in a highchair still. He’s a pinhead!

  2. Chris Says:

    Clearly, Obama has no foreign policy experience. However, he has the audacity to believe he is qualified to speak for the US. His initial response, followed by two “revised” statements within hours of the initial response, where he “clarified” his position, were amateur. His attempts at commenting on the Russian invasion in Georgia demonstrate a lack of knowledge of the history in the region, clear lack of diplomacy in response to Russian aggression, and a super-sized ego to believe he is qualified to speak for the US though he is not the President. McCain’s statements, however, were bold, strong, and effective. He spoke not only on behalf of the US, but included NATO in his remarks, which was the method of a seasoned diplomat. “When you attack Georgia, you attack us all (NATO)” was a brilliant statement. It was inclusion, not divisive, and it also promoted the proper international response, acting to unite NATO and the UN with the US. This crisis is illuminating of what we can expect from both candidates if elected President. It is what you would expect given their backgrounds. Obama is a politician, trained to be a community organizer. On street political matters, he is probably great. But, in National and International matters, he doesn’t have the experience. I have found a site with indepth info on Obama and McCain, their experience, background, even annotated reviews of the bios written about each = honestjohnwade.com. Good resource for fair, unbiased facts. Perhaps Obama needs to reexamine his credentials, and stick to churches and high school gyms.

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