Over on Austin Bay’s blog, I tried to leave the following comment, but his system decided it was spam.  So I’ll post it here, instead:


Russia “gave up” things it shouldn’t have had in the first place.  They no more deserved to get anything for it than does a thief for returning stolen property.

But they <b>did</b> get things for it.  They got Western investment.  You know, like in Yukos Oil.  Where teh Western Investors all got robbed by Putin when he decided to destroy the company in order to advance his dictatorship.

Russia does not have the right to engage in military threats against its neighbors.  Russia does not have the right to run its neighbors affairs.

You want to be an important country?  Great.  End the political and economic corruption, and become an economic powerhouse.  Of course, you’re run by people who aren’t competent to get rich without corruption, and who therefore won’t allow real competition to take place.  Which is why you’re going to remain a sad joke, a Third World Country with nuclear weapons.  Nothing more.

You want respect?  Earn it.  You don’t earn respect by bullying democracies that refuse to give you what you want.

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