Is the Gallatin, TN Police Dept. trying to steal this man’s gun?

This is the kind of thing all law-abiding citizens need to help jump on.

I showed him the letter, and he gave me directions to the Gallatin Police Dept. to retreive my firearm, spare mag, and $15 in 230Gr. Golden Saber ammo.

Except, of course, when I got there, the evidence officer told me they were running a stolen gun check on my own firearm, and it hadn’t come back yet. I informed him that after 3 straight weeks driving to Nashville and back on workdays, at $80 in gas a whack, I was rather hoping to get this cleared up now rather than later – I would put them in touch with the store I bought it from, even, because I work there. Didn’t help. So sorry. They might be able to ship it to me. Gotta wait for the background check.

That was last week, and considering I’ve left an unanswered message for him since then, and they still have a $1500 1911 that I’m rather fond of, I’m starting to think that by now, if ever there was a time that I was justified in being a bit annoyed with the faceless, useless, mindless bureaucracy, this is it.

This, to me, sounds like a crooked police officer trying to use the system to steal an expensive gun.  They way to beat that is publicity.



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