Why I’ll Never Vote for a Democrat

The Washington Post has an op-ed that shows why I’ll never vote for a Democrat. The editorial has the following sub-headline:

Speaker Pelosi won’t let the House debate the merits of offshore drilling.

Why won’t she let the House have that debate? Because if she does, she knows that enough Democrats will “defect” that the Republicans will win, and the offshore drilling ban will be defeated.

So, you might have a “sane” Democrat running for the House in your Congressional district. You might say “hey, Nancy Pelosi is far too liberal for me, but this guy is ok, he’s not a “San Francisco Democrat”, so I’m going to vote for him.” But if you say that to yourself, you are lying. Because any vote for any Democrat candidate for the House is a vote for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House. Any vote for any Democrat in the Senate is a vote for Harry “Energy makes me sick” Reid to be Senate Majority Leader. Giving them those positions gives them control of the agenda. And it doesn’t matter how your Representative would vote, if the matter comes to a vote. It matters what issues will come to a vote. And a vote for a Democrat is a vote that Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid gets to decide those issues.

So long as the Left controls the Democrat Party, there is no such thing as a “good” Democrat. Unless, of course, you want to be ruled by the far Left.



One Response to “Why I’ll Never Vote for a Democrat”

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