Execute him

This is disgusting.

AP photographer Rahmatullah Naikzad was a witness to a Taliban murder.

Not only ws he a witness, he took photos.  And video.  Of the murders.

And the AP published the photos.

He should be arrested, found guilty of being an accomplice to First Degree Murder with Special Circumstances (1: Two people murdered.  2: Done as part of a terrorist war against the US), and executed.

Whoever at the AP approved of running those pictures should be fired, and blacklisted.  Until that is done, teh US Military should consider the AP to be willing accessories to the Taliban, and refuse to give any person connected with the AP access to any information.  no press releases, not access to US troops.  Scratch that, it should not just be the DOD.  The entire US Government should blacklist the entire AP until everyone involved with publishing those photos is fired.

If you think that is too extreme, you need to go to Rusty’s site and read the whole thing.  Then you should watch the snuff film he recorded, and released, for the Taliban,


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