Abundant, Cheap, Clean, Reliable Electrons

This is a nice example of “not clear on the concept”

So I have arrived safely in Aspen. I’m listening to Thomas Friedman urging America to lead the way towards “abundant, cheap, clean, reliable electrons”. His approach sounds like the approach near and dear to my heart–can the talk of a “Green Manhattan Project” and use prices to signal inventors to get cracking on the problem.

Oh, says I, they want nuclear power!

Nope, because that would make sense, and require leftists to give you one of their religious jihads.

Repeat after me: Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor.

I, by the way, have a handy-dandy, can’t fail test to tell you if someone actually believes in human caused global warming, and believes it’s a serious problem:

Every single such person is a huge fan of nuclear power. Because that’s the only power tech that can take over for all those dirty coal and gas fired power plants.

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