Why I’m not a member of the political left

I am someone who “naturally” should be of the political left.  I am an “intellectual”, I am not religious, most of the people I spend time with are of the left.  In most ways I think like a person of the left.

But, there is one important difference.  I think honesty matters.  No, that’s too weak.  I think that if you have to be dishonest (or at least choose to be dishonest) in order to advance your political agenda, then that is solid proof that you should lose.

I don’t care what your agenda is.  I don’t care how wonderful (you think) you are.  If you can’t honestly convince people to support your position, then the most likely reason is because your position is no good.

The American Left, unfortunately, is fundamentally dishonest.  To demonstrate this, let’s look at the place where the vast majority of the Left’s successes have come from in the last 40 years: The Courts.

What is the fundamental, practical, difference between saying “The Constitution is a Living Document” and saying “The Constitution means whatever 5 members of the Supreme Court think they can get away with saying it means”?

And what’s the difference between that, and saying “The United States is a pseudo-democratic ‘Republic’ ruled by a nine member oligarchy that calls itself ‘The Supreme Court'”?

Either we have a written Constitution, that binds the Supreme Court just as much as it binds everyone else, or else we have this illegitimate group of oligarchs.  Because if what’s written in the Constitution doesn’t matter, then the Supreme Court, which was created by that Constitution, also doesn’t matter.



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