Hello world!

I’m Greg. This is my new blogging home. Here I will keep track of stories that interested me, and talk (or rant) about things that catch my interest. Warning: I am not a nice person. I don’t want to be a nice person. I am a barbarian who believes that civilization is better than barbarism. I understand that my desire to live in civilization means I have to be civilized to others. So if you follow the rules of civilization with others, I will follow them with you. And fight to see that others do the same. But if you decide you want to step outside the rules, I feel free to do with same with respect to you. Which explains my next post. Because my first rant is about the whiny family of a thug who (happily) got shot while trying to rob a store. Neither he, nor they, get any sympathy from me. He stepped outside the rules.



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